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There is a house in New Orleans…they call the rising sun. ​Our exciting, original production returns, integrating live music by Gabriella Cavassa and band, dance, and narration to illuminate lingering ghost stories and legends of New Orleans, like never told before. This winter, as solstice approaches and the veil between the living and the dead thins, join us in a spiritual expedition through stories of the spirit's past that linger on.  We bring more spooks and tales more cavernous, set in the historic Le Petit theater, where a resident ghost named Caroline will oversee. Just around the corner on Royal Street is Julie, the naked ghost who dances on that 720 rooftop on December nights, eternally waiting for her love to meet her in a marriage dare turned tragic. She is a friendly ghost they say, but down the way, the ghost of Marguerite O’Donnel, the witch of the French Opera, still seeks revenge against her scorned lover Carlos, spooking passersby as she floats down Bourbon St. in an operatic rage. Beginning with le filles à la cassette who traveled here by boat from France, our feminine protagonists of La Nouvelle-Orléans  reign supreme, bearing restless stories of perseverance, love, and heartbreak, yet irresistible charm.​Nearby, just along Basin Street, the spectors of the infamous Red Light District take center stage, as we follow the legacy of clever women like Josie Arlington and Lulu White, who navigated scarce opportunities to become some of the most wealthy and powerful around. Vibrant jazz music fills the air, vice and sin run rampant, as does disease, death, and even murder. A mysterious axeman’s spree culminates in a cryptic letter that prompts all to Jazz It for their lives on an epic evening of endless carousing. Visit with the Lost Bride at legendary May Baily’s Place, the esteemed first legalized brothel, the lewd and abandoned women, and Mily’s lost soldier, Eldridge who paces the courtyard of the Dauphine Hotel. Conversely, the rough and tumbling den women like the cunning Eliza Riddle and Mary Jane Bricktop threaten alleyways. Listen for the bells of yellow fever, as the plentiful victims of the saffron scourge suffering a fearful ravage call out to us from signature cities of the dead. Voodoo magic and healing by Marie Laveau endure, Mona Lisa weeps, and secrets of the vampire maidens and Ursuline nuns press on, still begging the question, what was in their caskets?​In this tantalizing New Orleans journey, who is alive, and who is a ghost, and what are they trying to tell us? As the nights grow longer and the days darker, gather round in our compelling, educational, and entertaining show that just may inspire you to live in harmony with the spectors that still breathe life into our intricate city streets. Immerse yourselves, but we mustn't upset Caroline, whose story demands to be heard.

Supported in part by Jones Walker, LLC.

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