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a historic journey through the trials and triumphs of the quest for gender equality 

Supported in part by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Jones Walker LLP, and Loyola University's Office of Diversity and Women's Resource Center. 

The movement continues. Our timely, exciting, and original production returns as the fight for gender equity gains strength. Join us as we reflect on the progress initiated by women who dared to persist, journeying through the three waves of feminism to bring monumental moments in 'herstory' to life. Watch the layers unfold as dancers portray the trials and triumphs generations of women have faced in an eclectic arrangement of storytelling. Meet the unyielding Suffragists who paved the way, our own Nola Sazerac Stormers, the role reversing Rosie the Riveters, 'bra burners’ who fought to pass landmark legislation, the evolved working woman, the objectified woman. HerStory highlights the rise of the modern movement for justice, where empowered women around the world have marched for humanity and change. Voices are raised, conversations are increasing, and actions are being taken to say Time's Up against sexual harassment and gender inequalities. Experience our unique production that is moving, celebratory, thought provoking, humorous, provocative, and certainly healing. Onward!


HerStory audiences called the show “Amazing!”, a “great and relevant performance”, “extremely inspiring and enlightening”, with "wonderful costumes and choreography for such an important message". "So moving! Thank you!"


Choreography & Conceptualization: Monica Ordonez

Costuming: Kaci Thomassie


Travel through the waves of feminism with us! 

We are passionate about educating, inspiring, entertaining, and moving our audiences as we advocate for gender equality and take action to progress forward. We need a constitutional amendment to guarantee full equal rights of women.


Did you know that the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced by Alice Paul in 1923, and it still hasn't been ratified? Women are NOT equal under the U.S. Constitution, and it's imperative that we pass the ERA this year. Our goal is to inspire action to guarantee equal rights for  women once and for all through dance. Please help us bring HerStory to YOUR CITY! For more information on how you can help, please visit

Previously Performed


November 2016 

Ashé Cultural Arts Center


March 2017

Loyola University's Feminist Festival

Roussel Hall


March 2018

Loyola University's Feminist Festival

Roussel Hall


Feedback from our Audience 

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