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Graphic Design Credit: Moe Atry

November 2015

NOLA Faux/Real Festival

New Orleans Jazz Market

Once Upon a Dream is an original contemporary dance performance depicting one man’s ethereal journey through interwoven dreams as he desperately attempts to reunite with a past lover. The show is inspired by the Native American belief that the soul leaves the body while dreaming to communicate with the deceased. But will the soul return? Through choreography, film, costuming, and a diverse soundtrack, the audience will follow our hero through memories, nightmares, and even the universal dream of going to work in his underwear. Once Upon a Dream will take you on a wild and whimsical adventure!

The sheer bliss and the bittersweet, unfinished ending.
To dream, perchance to meet.

Supported by a Community Partner Grant from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Grant.  
Dancing Grounds is a fiscal sponsor of Mélange Dance Company. 
Presented as a part of the 2015 New Orleans Faux/Real Festival. 
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